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Information collected

This website does not collect personally identifiable information (PII) based on page visits; however, a web log, such as logtail, and web visitor tracking is used. Information is not shared except for access by the internet service provider, which has access to the web log and user feedback.

The web log is a list of webpage retrievals, including IP address, referring page and browser type for each web hit.
As far as I know, substantially all website hosts implement web logs.

The web log is maintained by the website host ISP, which is This lists web retrievals directly from the host, but not retrievals from a web cache maintained by the visitor's ISP.

The web log is "shared" because it is maintained by the website's host ISP. I am not sure of the details, but there is more information at the Wikipedia "web log" article. Unless I have some way of knowing who is viewing the page from that IP address, the information is anonymous.

Visitor tracking - This is a list of unique web hits.
This has not yet been implemented, but will be configured to not be "shared",

Email forms and comments (when implemented) will collect the additional information described in those particular forms.

Visitor tracking

Visitor tracking on this website uses Clicky. (Eventually, I'll convert to Piwik, now called Matomo, but first I've got to get it to work.)

What it is

Visitor tracking is implemented by code on the webpages. Familiar examples of visitor tracking are Googleanalytics and Statcounter. (This site does not use those particular tools because I do not know how to use them without sharing visitor tracking data. Visitor tracking uses javascript and cookies. Clicky cookies are set to expire at 90 days. Clicky's privacy policy is found here. As nearly as I can tell, Clicky does not "share" its data. This account is set to be GDPR compliant.

Since visitor tracking will be limited to javascript code, the visitor tracking can be blocked by blocking javascript or by blocking cookies. Except for email forms and comments, the website should be fully functional without javascript and cookies.


Except for email forms and comments, the website should be fully functional without javascript and cookies.

External links

Clicking on an external link will be subject the user to the privacy policies of that website.

In-page links, such as Youtube, if launched by the user, are subject to the privacy policies of those services. This site does not "autoplay" such external media by default, but if your computer is set to automatically play external media files, that will automatically result in information being shared.

The known knowns, the knowns unknowns and the unknown unknowns

It is possible that one or another application or link is collecting and using data, but I don't know about it.

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