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draft opinion Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization (OCR'd; 29 MB .pdf file.)
Draft opinion Thomas E. Dobbs, State Health Officer of The Mississippi Department Of Health, et al., Petitioners v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, et al., No. 19-1392

This is the draft Supreme Court opinon on the reversal of Roe v. Wade. While it is initially garnering attention as reversing the Roe v. Wade, it is perhaps more noteworthy in that parts of the draft opinion, if unmodified, also overrule the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

This is an OCR'd version of the copy published by Politico. I did not attempt to  clean up  the result, but it did seem to OCR fairly well

Complaint of Congregation l'D'or v'D'or alleging Florida's "trigger law" on abortion violates The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the US Constitution. .

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This is the index for a collection of webpages hosted at the skoozeme website. This index.html page is generally a key for search engines (as is robots.txt), but also lists most of the pages on this website for human readers.

This is primarily a non-commercial website, so things like admin and other role addresses are not maintained. I expect to add a Formmail page soon, so people can email me. (If this takes a while, I will post a javascript email page, which should be fairly safe from spambots for the short term. Either way, I will attempt to be reachable.

Most of these pages are put up by Stan Protigal, but I will occasionally also host other pages. I will also mirror pages from elsewhere that may be taken down for one reason or another.

Current Status

This website is mostly rebuilt in in May-2018, with some exceptions, and moved to the domain.

History and Updates

This website was put up by Stan Protigal 3-Nov-1996 (on Eskimo North ( Since 22-Aug-1997, the site was maintained on Seattle Community Network (SCN), as . SCN, being an volunteer organisation, had run into glitches with their (make that "our") personal webpages, so I set up the domain. This project started 29-Apr-2018, and was "ready for prime time  by Jun-2018.

The original website (1996) consisted of:

Dude's Airplane Files
Mostly related to Mooney aircraft

This may be linked to Internet Archive's The Wayback Machine, as the information is now more easily sourced elsewhere.

The Telemarketing Scum Page
... Which pretty much changed the response on telemarketing calls from "just hang up" to "Don't hang up". At the time, telemarketing calls to landlines were becoming a significant scouge. Several of the concepts on Telemarketing Scum were included in US and international telemarketing laws. At present, illegal callers still have to deal with victims keeping them on the line as long as possible, and in response, need to hang up on their marks and otherwise cut into their profit potential.

Why Skoozeme?

The Washington (D.C.) subway system ("Metro") has encouraged its patrons to turn rudeness and shoving into an art form; hence the system's motto "Skoozeme, Skoozeme".

(The word "skoozeme" is a corruption of "excuse me". The expression is heard as, "skoozeme ... skoozeme.")

typewriter - guilty until proven innocent

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

This is the "criminal process" webpage, which I wrote after seeing prisoners pressured into confessing to crimes they didn't commit. As mentioned in the article, if both a crime and a suspect are identified, confessions (coerced or otherwise) should be unnecessary.
"Guilty until proven innocent." - the importance of never entering a "guilty" plea when one is innocent
&The Criminal justice process - Avoid being Nifonged
Police Stops ("Terry stops")
Police stops are a type of arrest. What not to do during a police stop.
Impaired driving (DUI, DWI) stops

The Other Washington
A bit of Seattle culture added to the other Washington's Metro subway system.
Metro's disregard of its own industry safety recommendations.

Skoozeme, Skoozeme, Skoozeme
Skoozeme, Skoozeme, Skoozeme will be The District of Columbia's state motto if DC is granted statehood.

Alexandria's Model Newspaper Delivery Law
Alexandria, Virginia's response to aggressive (and hostile) "newspaper" distribution tactics

The Telemarketing Scum Page

... is actually an entire website
telescum tape label

[screaming operator logo 46K]
The Telemarketing Scum Page - SINCE 1996!

Abbreviated Cheatsheet - suitable for framing
naming individuals when filing complaints - the Telemarketing Scum Page's admittedly feeble attempt at being radical.
... and there's a special page for
naming lawyers
telemarketing_votes.html - list of Congressmen who Voted Against Enablement of the Federal Telemarketing Rule
surveys and pay phones - Another fun project. Also information about Caller ID and ANI.
instructions on getting the attention of the legal department of a large corporation.
Telescum "Repeat Naming" or Signifying Tactics
Political (SMS) Text Spam and Unsolicited Spam Calls - dark web (sort-of)
The Numbers (the strategy of political spam) - dark web (sort-of)

Vertical Litter (bandit signs)
Vertical Litter and Street Spam; Sharking (removing or cutting illegal signs)
sign sharking HOWTOs

Junk Mail and Other Lists - from The Telemarketing Scum Page

Results of using The DMA's Mail Preference Service (now called DMA Choice)

Privacy Issues - from The Telemarketing Scum Page

Sample Privacy Request Letter for making privacy requests under the GLBA (Graham-Leach- Bliley Act (US))
Sample Privacy Request Letter for Telecommunications for privacy requests directed to common carriers (under 47 USC 222 and the GLBA (US))

Addresses for Complaints concerning "do not call" and privacy violations. (Mostly US so-far, but will expand.)

Email Privacy - Standards for Protection of Email Address Information
Standards for respecting privacy when using personal email information. Email etiquette relating to email address information.

Pervasiveness of Bovine Scatology (BS)

BS extends beyond accusations of ultracrepidarianism being used in ad-hominim epithets
The Bovine Scatology Test
Indications of BS (information of questionable validity)

"Paper coffee filter" articles
Recognizing public relations and industry association "hit job" articles couching false information in apparent scientific information

Apologies are an Anachronism

BS in News Stories - Identification of Fake News

Identfying fake news
Indications of BS in news stories and broadcasts to identify fake news

Bus Reusable Utensils but...
    Don't Bus Throw-Away Utensils and Tableware

Don't Bus Throw-Away Tableware and Utensils
What to say (push back on throw-away tableware)

"Forced straws"
- "Forced straws" are basically an industry strategy to gain acceptance for "throw-away" tableware. (hint: It's not the straw manufacturers.)

Microwavable plastics
Problems with "microwave safe" plastics

Other Pages

Microwavable plastics
Problems with "microwave safe" plastics

Ritalin is Child Abuse
... well, when used to treat overcrowded classrooms, etc.

protecting elm trees

phobias and the use of "phobic" as a slur
Referring to hate or bigotry as "just a phobia" effectively supports hate.

Electronic or phone image copy of paper COVID vaccine card ("wallet" copy of CDC card or other national card for storage on a phone.)
(... for protection against commercial data harvesters. Includes additional step to protect against electronic harvesting.)

Data glitches in USPS Informed Delivery tracking
Understanding errors and warnings in the USPS "Informed Delivery" package tracking web service

Panasonic Microwave "Sensor" Settings
Lists time and power levels of microwave "sensor" settings for Panasonic microwave ovens with 18 and 9 sensor levels.

Stan's Webpages at Seattle Community Network
Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Modems - describes modem settings for Seattle Community Network.
(Modem Init. Strings) - Max Speed, also for Seattle Community Network. - advantages in deliberately downgrade a modem
Windows Setup (W95/98) (probably also Win2000)
SCN's main page on spam, spam avoidance, spam reporting and our spamblock

Seattle Traffic - Seattle Community Network's traffic website
- shows traffic map along with "live cam" shots along selected commutes. See also for shots of downtown Seattle.
foot traffic on Cedar Butte (JJ)

Pages Blocked from Search Results
  - pages on the Dark Web (well, sort-of)

Pages on this site that describe techniques for suppressing data harvesting of personal data are blocked by a widely used search engine.
(This relates primarily to suppression of data harvesting. General privacy-related pages on this site are not being blocked. Apparently, the people who run that particular search engine don't like people to publicise such techniques for suppression of data harvesting.)

The pages blocked from search results comprise:

Political (SMS) Text Spam and Unsolicited Spam Calls
The Numbers (the strategy of political spam)
Try searching < SMS> (without the angle brackets).
As nearly as I can tell, other pages, unrelated to suppression of data harvesting pages, are rendered according to the usual search algorithms. As of now, pages with links to the suppression of data harvesting do not appear to be blocked from search results, so it is just the pages themselves that are excluded.

(There are also a few limited-interest pages, such as Panasonic Microwave "Sensor" Settings that may not be directly listed.)

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